The Creative Writing/Literary Translation workshop at the Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas, Buenos Aires was organised by Lucila Cordone (Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters) in collaboration with Cecilia Rossi (University of East Anglia). Participants at the workshop were joined by award-winning novelist Giles Foden (University of East Anglia), author of The Last King of Scotland.

Professor Catherine Davies (Translingual strand leader) joined the event to present the Open World Research Initiative at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair.

Giles Foden with workshop participants at El Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (the Remembrance and Human Rights Centre).

Workshop attendees at the gates of the Cementerio de la Chacarita.

Catherine Davies presenting at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair.

Read the AATI report on the event here (Spanish version).

Watch YouTube videos of the sessions here.

Alberto Manguel Director of the National Library, Argentina, author of celebrated titles such as A History of Reading, The Library at Night, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places and City of Words, sends a supportive message to translators attending the Buenos Aires Book Fair (April 2017) and makes a passionate plea for the recognition of translators as authors, authors who make world literature possible.